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Elsinore - Hamlet´s and The Sound Dues city: Welcome to Elsinore
Elsinore is, historically, an international city with a dramatic history. With only about four kilometers to Sweden across the Sound has the city since the Middle Ages been a ferry town, one castle town and a Sound Dues city, with a unique story that inspired William Shakespeare to write his most famous spectacle play, Hamlet.


Port Of Call Elsinore cruise ship harbour Denmark


Or Helsingoer As it Is known In Danish. - Elsinore Is first named In 1231 As a small market town In Denmark With a castle. Long before Elsinore became a cruise port And Call Of cruise port destination     Print et bykort over Helsingør pdf

Port of Call Elsinore Denmark

The Danish King Eric of Pomerania  establish the Sound Dues 1420 – a toll to be paid by all foreign ships passing through the Oeresund Strait – as Elsinore has long been the largest turnaround port in the Baltic. The Sound Dues  and the geographical location on the doorstep of the Baltic Sea,  was the foundation for the wealth and growth of Elsinore City, which in the 1600s became one of Northern Europe's most important commercial towns. (by the way,? are you wondering why Danes eat dark rye bread), read here A taste of Denmark

Ashore land expeditions and City Walk are prepared for you, guided or on your own. 

Hamlet by William Shakespeare Elsinore cruise port Denmark
Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Wake up in the cruise suite with the famous World Heritage Site, Hamlets Castle right outside your balcon

William Shakespeare put the town on the literary world map around 1600 when he set the action of his famous tragedy, Hamlet, in the Elsinore castle, known as Kronborg or Hamlet´s Castle (now a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

H. C. Andersen Denmark
H. C. Andersen

Elsinore is well-suited for both half-day, full-day or two day calls. -  and maybe go in the world-famous poet Hans Christian Andersen's footsteps - H. C. Andersen spent almost two years of his youth with education and upbringing in Elsinore

The entire waterfront has recently been revitalized and remodeled under the Culture Harbor Kronborg project, incl. re-establishing the original rampart layouts of Kronborg Castle and turning an old shipyard into a modern culture and museum centre.

Sct. Mariæ Kirke  Helsingoer cruise port Denmark
Priory of Our Lady

The old town of Elsinore can be explored easily on a walking tour, usually featuring visits to the massive Cathedral of St Olai, the 15th century Priory of Our Lady or the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kronborg Castle, or on a bus tour in combination with one or more sights of the surrounding region.

Castle Elsinore cruise port Denmark
Frederiksborg Castle

Outside the city, but within easy reach of a half-day tour, other attractions and destinations include the impressive renaissance castle and home of the Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle

fredensborg Castle Elsinore cruise port Denmark
Fredensborg Palace

and the elegant rococo palace of Fredensborg –  the summer residence of the Royal Family. 

Further highlights include the historic Cistercian monastery Of Esrum Abbey, the Bird Of Prey Show at Falkonergaarden, the home And museum Of author Karen Blixen In Rungstedlund.

There are few Harbors in the world that can boast a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Elsinore Harbor neighborhood, which re-opens in 2012 after extensive renovation, is certainly one of them.

Hamlet' is one of the most famous and frequently performed stage plays in the world. Since the 1600s, countless theatrical productions at the castle and many other venues have endeavoured to keep the legend of Hamlet alive. That is why Kronborg is now known all over the world as Hamlets castle, and Elsinore is known as the Town of Hamlet

Most shops accept DKK, SEK and moust also EURO.

Credit cards are widely accepted.

Elsinore has a population around 62,000. This is also the closest Danish port to Sweden - approx 4 km (2 ml)

We supply all needs to the ship or establish contact to the nearest professional supplier

Port Of Helsingor Is the destination where history meets the sea. Historic And Modern. Maritime And urban. This Is Home Of Hamlet And Kronborg Castle, UNESCO World Heritage Site And Shakespeare's Hamlet.


The royal Yacht Elsinore cruise port Denmark
You are our guests

We welcome the royal family and our cruise guests in royal style, with red carpets and musicians from our our sweet girl Guard, and we say goodbye with a salute from Schakespears famous Kronborg Castle.

Cruise ship Port Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

If you would Like us To schedule a tour, Mail to Elsinore tourist office

Elsinore is the center of Denmark's most famous National Park 'National Park Kings Playground' (Danish: Nationalpark Kongernes Nordsjælland.

Danish and Nordic food and gastronomy: Nordic cuisine - Danish open sandwiches on dark bread - read more about Danish food culture, Danish lunch. Today Denmark is among the World’s most innovative and exciting in the field of gastronomy. Read more about Nordic cuisine.

Cafe Olai
Café Olai Helsingør

Restaurant Café Olai

Restaurant Café Olai is one of the oldest restaurants in Elsinore and has a well-groomed renumé that extends far beyond the country's borders.

The restaurant opened the doors for the first time d. 10. dec. 1987, and today is an institution in the city.

Café Olai reflects the old Elsinore in both miracle and decor, and even the prices are like 1/4 century ago.

Restaurant Olai is one of the best eateries in Helsingoer and is regularly mentioned in the magazines Travel News and Globetrotter, as part of the culture of Helsingoer

visit helsingoer Elsinore cruise port Denmark

Recommended by:

Restaurant Olai is a tradition, Danish cuisine and the restaurant has a wide and well-stocked menu.

There is a long tradition of Queen Margrethe coming to Elsinore with the Royal Yacht Dannebrog to inaugurate the spring, We welcome our cruise guests with red carpet and trumpet music, as if it were the Queen himself.

Spesial delights for the ship tourist guide:
We already have a proposal for a cultural and historical tour of our lovely medieval town. we supplement much like the experience with 'Hamlets friend' who is a storyteller in Prince Hamlet costume who knows everything to Elsinore - Shakespeare - Hamlet - the medieval castle and Kronborg's secrets.

Or the ship's tour guide can print his own City Walk from this pdf  file

For the best guide, just For your group, please contact our museum,  Phone +45 2531 1906 Or contact Elsinore tour guide

Recommended activities for guest not on tour?
Kronborg Castle Or stroll around the old part of the Elsinore town, visit the Culture Yard And the New Maritime Museum. Also possible to visit Copenhagen Or Hillerod On your own, train depart 2-3 x hours, duration 50 min., buy tickets at the railway station.

The Ports of Elsinore Is the natural maritime service partner during passage through the Oresund/ The Baltic Strait, And we will be happy to help you with any task to increase the efficiency of the needs of passing ships.



Port of Call Elsinore cruise port Denmark

Port of Elsinore cruise ship Harbor, the Jewel in the Crown
A remarkable port of call for all  

Port information

Royal Quay (Kongekajen)
Max LOA: 150 meters
Max depth: 6,8 meters
Type of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): Mixed use
Fenders available (brand and type): Trelleborg V- fenders
Bollard strength: 20 tons

Port Reception Facilities
Kings Quay/ Berth no. 3
Direct shore connections available: Yes
Number and maximum flow rate: 1/ships pumps (max pressur)
Direct downstream to municipal facilities: Yes
MARPOL standard connections fitted: Yes
Barges available: 0

City centre within 800m from pier
Bike rental including map or GPS On request
Possiblity for special arrangements and flexibility: Please contact Cruise manager Birgitte Bergman for further informations

Turnaround facilities
Cruise-ready hotels
Direct flights to USA via CPH Airport - only 60 km away.

Easy access by train from Elsinore to the airport, One hour by train.

CPH Airport less than one hour drive from port
Airport less than one hour drive from city centre
Free Wi-Fi in airport

The very large cruise ships of over 150 m
or with a draft of more than 6.5 m, we can offer good and well-protected anchor positions just outside the harbor, only 0.25 miles to the SSØ for the harbor. The trip from here to the harbor in the tenderboat takes only 5-10 minutes, and you can easily reach the float bridge just north of Kongekajen in the city center. The float bridge is 90 meters long, 6 meters wide and can be contacted by many tender boats at once.

With a New cruise dock from 2022 the largest cruise ships With a depth more than 13m. can go straight To the dock And we can probably offer boarding And disembarking And we supply all needs To the ship

Elsinore Port is ISPS approved.
The tomorrow quay has been extended, so there will be room for approx. 5000 m2 for shopping and parking area.
Tourist office 300 meters from the Cruise berth.
Train station next to the port. Only 40 min. by train to Copenhagen International Airport.
Only 30 min. by train to Copenhagen City Center
Direct train crossing to Helsingborg City Center / Sweden - takes only 10 minutes, 3 departures per hour.
Banks, hotels and all shops accept credit cards. Or cash DKK - EURO or SKK.
You have three of Northern Europe's most famous Renaissance castles in a radius of 20 Km.
Distance from Elsinore to Copenhagen by see appx. 20 Nautical Miles  By Car 35 Min.


Ships dock right at Helsingor town center and with a view to UNESCO Kronborg Castle, Home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
The port of Elsinore has a quay in the towncenter and the know how to handle small and large cruise liners. The larger cruiselines tender just 10 minutes outside the port in shelter from the wind.

Elsinore Port appplies to all international standards and has optimum navigation conditions, easy access to the international deep water route in the Sound.

Ports guard Elsinore Harbor

Helsingør Havnekontor
Elsinore Port Office

It is important that all vessels make an agreement with the harbor guard in advance about entry, mooring, etc.

The guard phone:
+45 49 21 05 15


VHF-chamel: 12 og 16
We are here 24/7 – give us a call.

Inquiries and supervision

Helsingør Havnekontor

Jan H. Christensen,
Port Security Officer
Tlf.: +45 4928 1288

1. september-31. maj: kl. 9.00-13.00
(onsdage lukket)
1. juni- 31. august: kl. 8.00-15.00
(torsdage kl. 8.00-17.00)

3,71 Dkr. Per Gt At Key
2,93 Dkr. Per Gt For Anchor
Including Isps Fee And Normal Waste Management

Elsinore Port Office

Helsingør Havnekontor
Harbor Master

Nordhavnsvej 13
3000 Helsingor
Phone: +45 2531 1083


Baltic Shipping Company A/S
Tlf. +45 3996 0800

SERVICES FOR GUESTS And Historical tours Elsinore