Elsinore cabaret

Now Is the Elsinore cabaret again ready To give the lovely audience some wonderful And laughable summer evenings In 2021.

Put a cross In the calendar right now. The Elsinore cabaret premieres On Thursday 3 June 2021.

There Is a performance every Thursday, Friday And Saturday until And including Saturday 26 June 2021. Ticket sales start now.

Helsingør Revyen Helsingør

In 2021, Elsinore Cabaret moves out of  Restaurant Strejf 's cozy rooms and over to the larger Teater house on Stengade 51, where there is a larger stage and more space between tables and chairs.

Elsinore Cabaret
Elsinore Cabaret
Elsinore Cabaret Giftcard

We look forward To being able To gather again, both With Each other And With you dear audience

And we are looking forward to a summer in Elsinore, where hopefully only the laughter Is contagious

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Do you need the perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree ?. Then give someone you Like a ticket to Elsinore Cabaret 2021

If you Do Not know which Date To choose, you can also delight someone With a gift card

Then they can choose which day they want To come And have a festive evening With delicious food

You can find it all right here:
< br /> In case of cancellations, the money will of course be returned..

Talking mann

Elsinore Cabaret And the Team

Elsinore cabaret

Elsinore Cabaret And the team - consisting Of actors Le Münster-Swendsen, Dan Schlosser, Sune Svanekier And Simon Nøiers, conductor Catrine Frølund And director Mads M. Nielsen - have spent the autumn thinking thoughts, making plans, recording silly videos,

The five participants

Helsingør revy

Elsinore Cabaret: The five participants in Elsinore Cabaret went through Elsinore City on Friday to record a video for the New Christmas song they have written. The filming took place in several places in the city. The case Is, to a certain extent, And perhaps Not surprisingly, about the corona And about a covid Christmas.

We welcome you

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